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WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!! #chilliMEchallenge Irish Contest

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!! #chilliMEchallenge Irish Contest

Announcing the winner
of the Irish contest for Neven Maguire prize!


Drum roll please….

The winner is…

The YouTube channel, DatChallengeGuy !!!!

His magic ingredients for a Chilli M.E. Challenge that we appreciated:
Healthy people + learning about M.E. + sharing what they learned about M.E. with the world + hilarious reaction to chilli (although if you really can’t eat a chilli, no problem too!) + and they even donated to biomedical research for M.E.! = BINGO! WINNER WINNER!

The prize is Neven Maguire’s cooking book “The Nation’s Favourite Food FAST!” and a certificate for a lunch for 2 at his restaurant (which has a 6-month wait list), donated by him especially for the Chilli M.E. Challenge!

Irish contest

Irish contest2

Irish contest3 - Edited

Thank you to all those who participated in the contest, spreading awareness and raising biomedical research funds for M.E.!

You can watch DatChallengeGuy’s winning video on our YouTube playlist (click the image):

Screenshot 2015-07-19 at 1.17.42 PM