CLICK ON THE IMAGES of the funds you’d like to donate to. Perhaps choose according to your country or to the biomedical research that most suits your vision for ME/CFS.

These are the ONLY funds we promote. We strictly and highly recommend these as there’s many places we do NOT support donating to.

wheredoidonate - Edited

UNITED STATES fund going to Columbia University’s research: 


(This research is Mady Hornig, MD, Ian Lipkin, MD, Jose Montoya, etc. that discovered the cerebral spinal fluid differences in ME/CFS.)

UNITED KINGDOM fund going to Invest in ME:

TEXT –> For UK text-code donation: Text CMEC73 £4 to 70070



IRELAND fund going to Invest in ME:

TEXT –> For Irish text-code donation: Text HOT £4 to 50300


Irish ME Trust

CANADA – ME/FM Action Network:




Why Invest in ME and Columbia University research (Mady Hornig, MD, Ian Lipkin, MD, Jose G. Montoya, MD, and colleagues)?

For the UK division, we trust Invest in ME the most to use the funding appropriately. They are volunteer M.E. sufferers who most closely share our vision for biomedical research and have been quite supportive in our efforts.

For the US division, The Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health has published ground-breaking M.E./CFS biomedical research that most closely shares our vision to find the root cause of M.E/CFS, especially Mady Hornig, MD, and colleague’s 2015 Molecular Psychiatry studies


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