You are nominated!!



  1. Very important, please: 1) If it’s on FB, set your video’s privacy to “PUBLIC” – change the icon of the 2 little heads to the globe icon; 2) HASH TAG videos with #chilliMEchallenge! (Bonus points if you HASHTAG “#myalgicencephalomyelitis #chronicfatiguesyndrome!”); 3) Use a title containing relevant keywords for search ability – i.e. “Chilli ME Challenge;” 4) Note that we chose to spell chilli with 2 L’s (UK & R.o. Ireland do that).
  2. Read our Frequently Asked Questions page.
  3. Grab yourself, your team, coworkers, support group, friends, and family members — and HAVE FUN!!!!
  4. Prepare a few words short telling people to donate. If you’re honoring a loved one/friend say it b/c it makes them feel SO much better and ppl need to know this disease affects wives, brothers, sons, small children, OR if it’s about you please say some short words about your illness story bc ppl need a face to the name! Story telling is so powerful in spreading awareness!
  5. Record yourself on video eating a hot (or pretend hot if you must) chilli pepper or Tabasco sauce – the more you cry and scream the better! 😉 Knock yourself out!!! (Disclaimer: Only do what you are able to do. If you are a minor ask your parents. If you are ill in any way, ask your doctor and use your best judgement please! We are not responsible, obviously.)
  6. Post your video everyyyyywhere on social media! Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, e-mail it to us, etc.
  7. Please “tag” others you nominate to take the challenge.
  8. Donate here – or if not, just post this donation page link on your social media.
  9. For more impact, if you’d like, wait to post videos on the day or at least the week of May 12 M.E./CFS Awareness Day.
  10. Send any questions to us by commenting here, posting on our Facebook page, or e-mailing us.challenge

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