Three weeks and a life time


Our #chilliMEchalleng-er and friend Marina Kim’s blog post at Marina Express about the last 3 weeks of her life, when her M.E. suddenly declined to “severe M.E.” and she spent 8 days in the hospital – and the video that touched the M.E. community. I wish more people would see the power of story telling that we sought to evoke when we began the challenge and encouraged other people with M.E. to remake the “My M.E. Story” videos we began with in April.

Marina Express

When I uploaded My M.E. Story 2, I didn’t think it’d get more than 100 views – my family and friends, and some from people following #chilliMEchallenge. I appreciate every word of support that I’ve received since. I’ve gone through such a drastic change in my life past three weeks, not in a good way as you know if you’ve watched my video from the hospital, and seeing my message getting passed around gave me the positive spark I needed to continue what I was planning on before I ended up at the hospital. I have to give the credit to Brenda and Nicole who kept me company during my hospital stay, heard my numerous rants about frustrations I was encountering, and encouraged me to share my story with more people.

I started feeling more sick than usual from 9th, but initially I just thought it was a bad…

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