Please take the #chilliMEchallenge !


Please take the #chilliMEchallenge, a grassroots global campaign organized by a few girls ill with M.E., the 4 Chillis in a Pod. It would mean so much to millions of desperately ill people, including children. Here is an example of life for some people with myalgic encephalomyelitis (…/meam-meaw-my…) and a plea from an ill person ( We need help raising biomedical research funds and spreading awareness because this disease is stigmatized as just being lazy because we look healthy on the outside. There’s huge disparity in training on M.E. in the medical community (see Marina Kim’s story video about this during her hospital stay). M.E. is more common and just as debilitating as M.S. but yet has far, FAR less funding from the NIH. Thank you so much from the whole M.E. community!!! Check out live updates &videos at Chilli M.E. Challenge Facebook page; watch videos on our YouTube playlist Chilli M.E. Challenge videos; and if you post a donation page it’s (these funds go to Columbia University research in the U.S.) or www.justgiving,com/chillimechallenge (these funds go to Invest in M.E. research in the UK) or you can text donate: Ireland text HOT to 50300 (€4) U.K. text CMEC73 to 70070 (£4). See our FAQ page for questions and please look around these website for information about the 4 Chilli in a Pod, the challenge, and M.E.



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