Chili Peppers Health Benefits


Cardiovascular, boost immunity, clear congestion, anti-cancer, stomach bacteria balance, diabetes, weight loss… Can’t tell us we’re poisoning people!

Also, the chemical that makes peppers spicy is used in capsaicin cream on localized chronic pain sites to kill the pain receptors.

Read for yourself here.

#chilliMEchallenge #myalgicencephalomyelitis #chronicfatiguesyndrome #MECFS #ME #CFS


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  1. I wouldn’t say that chilis are effective pain relief for people with ME. When I eat nightshades such as spicy jalapenos, etc., even bell peppers and paprika, my joint pain can become so bad that I have to take prescription painkillers.

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    • I agree John. The only way I personally can see them being a pain killer is when used on a localized site of chronic pain they kill the pain receptors – it’s called capsaicin cream. Many people use it.


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